Strategic Website Improvements

Websites are not printed brochures. You cannot just launch them and walk away. They need to be incrementally improved over time, because as the foundation of your marketing efforts, your web site should be continually refined to maximize your return on investment.

We can continually tweak and improve our sites, monitoring what works and what does not. This gives us an unprecedented opportunity that is unavailable in any other medium.

Continuous improvement is not something most organizations are good at, but it is essential for success on the web.

At Palm Tree, when it comes to providing strategic website improvements to help you meet your unique business objectives, we will:

  • Demonstrate the impact of our work in a clearly visible way.
  • Show that investment will recover its costs.
  • Measuring and reporting results on a regular basis through your dedicated Account Manager.

Your site may be crying out for wide ranging improvements, but by starting small you stand a better chance of proving your point with minimal investment.

The best place to start is with an under-performing call to action. These are good for three reasons:

  • Management understand how important it is to get users completing calls to action.
  • The completion of a call to action is typically easy to track.
  • There are well established ways for improving calls to action.

Once you have identified a call to action that you feel could be improved, the first step is to demonstrate its weakness. Let's talk.

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