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Palm Tree will provide hosting and server management, managed backups, a mirror development enviornment, and many other technologies that combine as a safe hosuing for your website

Our live websites are hosted on the Rackspace Cloud - and Rackspace proven to be the leader in the hosting industry, setting the standards for what their customers can expect in customer service, technical support, expertise, network uptime, and server availability. It’s a standard that no other provider can promise, let alone deliver.

Rackspace promises a Zero downtime network. Technology and Rackspace's promise of Fanatical Support make 100% uptime possible. Processes, controls, and oversight make it happen every day.

Backup solutions that ensure your web site data's availability. Rackspace works with the industry's top experts and its own in-house experts to provide flexible and resilient backup solutions for their data. Should any of our hardware ever fail, all critical information can be restored without complications.

You're secure because Rackspace is secure. Rackspace provides maximum protection of our data by covering all three critical areas of security – physical, operational, and system security. Rackspace’s commitment to such comprehensive security gives us the confidence to offer our customers the most secure solutions available.

Your website is in good hands, and we can be held accountable for any error that your website displays, because every web site we design comes with a programming warranty. Find a bug? We'll fix it for free within 72 business hours.

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