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Here at Palm Tree we have an experienced creative team that loves to conceptualize, design and build experiences for people, brands and events. We provide vision and strategy across a multitude of services; from branding and graphic design to website development and user experience. Our favorite work is typically our latest, as we tend to talk our clients in to doing something new and fun.

Why Palm Tree?

Consider the power of a partnership with a team that has serious creative horsepower.

  • We are branding specialists
  • We will ensure that your printed material matches your company’s branding
  • We won't mess up your logo, which sign shops are notorious for
  • Not too many cooks in the kitchen
  • Free shipping

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you don't love the design or the quality of the printed materials, we will re-design or re-print the materials free of charge.

Consider us a one-stop shop that truly understands your look. From business cards, to corporate letterhead and envelopes, Palm Tree will improve your look, give you a better quality, and (in most cases) save you money. Some of our bestsellers include business cards, postcards, tri-fold brochures, letterhead, envelopes, and banners.


What To Expect From The Graphic Design Process.

Most good things in life require a process. Graphic design is no different. If you’re considering hiring a graphic designer, you may be wondering what steps go into redesigning a website, creating a logo, or designing an annual report- as well as how a designer takes your ideas into consideration. The graphic design process takes four steps—research, visualize/plan, design and print/finalize—to ensure the client gets the quality and design they want.

  1. Research.

    The first step in the process is to gather information. We will take time to research you and your existing brand. Once we have a general understanding of your company, we will meet with you to discuss your vision. This initial meeting gives you the opportunity to express your preferences and dislikes style wise. It’s important for you to come prepared so that we can get a full idea of your needs and wants. You should also bring images of designs similar to what you want. These are valuable resources that we can take to the next stage in the process. Also remember to be open-minded; we will provide ideas or suggestions to help further develop your vision.

  2. Visualize & Plan.

    Once we have an initial idea of what you’re looking for, we will start sketching first drafts of your design. This is the stage where your ideas start to take form and develop into a more organized plan. Depending on your project, the designer may develop an outline, create different color palettes or sketch ideas for a logo. Once the designer has developed more ideas for your project they will compile all the elements into a creative brief. Here’s where you, the client, comes back into the process to confirm that the designer is going in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to express any concerns or elements you’re unsure of. This is the time where those problems can be easily resolved before the design stage.

  3. Design.

    This is the stage where your designer will take the sketches to the computer. They’ll take the color schemes you agreed with and refine the designs to look more like the finished project. The time this will take depends entirely upon the project. The designer will create different variations of the design and likely present you with their top choices. They should explain their design decision and give you the opportunity to choose which design you prefer.

  4. Print / Finalize.

    At this stage any minor changes or adjustments will be made and once the final design(s) have been approved, the designer will prepare the files. If your project is intended for print, we will also have the materials printed and even help you choose the right paper for your project. The final stage may look different depending on your project, but every project WILL end with a happy client.


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