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LexiConn, a pioneer and leader in eCommerce Hosting for ShopSite and Magento, Hires Palm Tree Web Design to Re-Invent Online Interface & User Experience

Humble beginnings...

LexiConn was founded in 1996, back when the internet was just beginning to take off. Their first office was a bedroom with a computer and a phone line. Back then, we were using web hosts that were unreliable, and provided very poor support. LexiConn's founding partners knew they could do better...

LexiConn was built with the foundation of truly supporting the client: providing dependable, reliable service year after year, all while offering a more personalized experience.

As they grew in the mid to late 90s, they began focusing on ecommerce and business hosting. They learned all they could about what online store owners needed and wanted from their web host. They become quite skilled at helping merchants get the most out of their ecommerce stores, with an emphasis on ShopSite and Magento.

LexiConn today

Today, LexiConn hosts thousands of websites, the majority being ecommerce and small business clients. Even with their growth, they've *always* maintained and required that every email that comes in or goes out is read by everyone at LexiConn. It's challenging, but it is the linchpin to our success. It keeps everyone in tune with what is happening at all times, and allows them to provide seamless support regardless of who picks up the phone or answers an email.

At a time where web hosting is becoming more of a commodity, where customers are a number and most things are "hands-off", LexiConn is still squarely focused on providing personalized service, seeing each client as an important part of our success. They are stark contrast to many other hosts that are out there today. But don't just take our word for it - see what LexiConn's clients have to say about them.

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