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Chabaso Bakery Turns to GoSystems 4.0 for Responsive Web Development, Content Optimization System, & Internal/External Communications Technologies

In the spring of 2013, the GoSystems team at Palm Tree Branding & Web Design was selected to help a regional brand, Chabaso Bakery, with its modernized a new web presence and online marketing platform. It was time; the current site had not been updated in years, and it lacked a user-interface that invited participation and branding touch-points.

Chabaso boasts the following reasons that make their product unique:
  • Our handcrafted breads are hearth-baked in European ovens according to old world traditions.
  • Wholesome ingredients are mixed into doughs using the age-old techniques of artisan bakers.
  • Long fermentation times develop flavors and textures to perfection.
  • Special ovens ensure great, thin crusts, chewy, moist interiors, and authentic flavors.

Chabaso Bakery is what we think of as a perfect partner: they are heavily engaged in the community, they have an excellent product line, and consumers already love to talk about Chabaso’s products. It was our job to give Chabaso a digital hub that could serve as the primary interface between Chabaso, its fans, and its various digital platforms.

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